I promise to always see you as you are and not as I think you should be.

I promise to be there for you on your big day; first, as a sincere friend who will always support you, and secondly, as the guardian of your memories.

I promise to find for every unrepeatable and ephemeral moment the best possible angle to document it in the most beautiful way without at the same time my aesthetics being an obstacle to doing so.

I promise you that we will have a lot of fun throughout every moment of the process.

I promise to get excited when I hear your vows but try not to cry so I can continue filming you.

I promise to be faithful to your unique and unrepeatable memories by capturing them in a tailor-made piece of art that will never go out of style and will last PER SEMPRE !



Allie & Sam

New York

Ashley & Trevor

Palm Springs

Lauren & Jacob

San Miguel de Allende

Mariandrea & Nick

Puerto Rico

Tamara & Ethan


Noa & Brett


Raquel & Daniel


Corey & Jordan

San Miguel de Allende

Tori & Brandon


Carmen & Edu

Mexico City

Ana K & Josué


Yamel & Jade

Mexico City

Vane & Isi

Mexico City/Cancún

Tiffany & Jesus

San Miguel de Allende

Andrea & Scotty

Mexico City



From a very young age in Italy, I knew that I was not going to be able to be a lawyer or a doctor.  I have always felt very tight about social norms and conventions,

I have never been attracted to or followed any leader and I always say what I think although this causes me problems sometimes.

The masses make me very uncomfortable but I love living in small groups.

What was very clear to me since I was little was that I wanted to be a father and live my life as a couple.

I have been a dj for 22 years, in Italy and Mexico, playing at parties of more than 2,000 people when I was just 13 years old, because music has been my second love (cinema being the first).

With my mom I ran for 2 years a small restaurant of Brazilian food mixed with Italian where I have been a chef, because I love to cook and experiment with food.

I have studied cinema in Italy and worked on all kinds of audiovisual products from commercials to documentaries until by chance in 2010 I filmed a wedding and against all my expectations I loved it.

Since then I tell love stories through cinematographic language.

I am the father of an incredible child, Leonardo, who has taught me and continues to teach me so much, the husband of a wonderful woman, Ana, with whom to share life is the best.

In art I have found the way to escape from norms and conventions, to breathe fully, to always challenge myself and above all to understand those around me in a more direct and intuitive way.

In the family I have found everything I need to never stop growing as a human being and to live fully.

Simone Luca.




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